Height, Distance & Inclination
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NEW Custom DP DME Add-on Module & Slope Corrector System with Double Transponders! 

Use the unique Slope Corrector System with the DP DME module and you will no longer have to make slope corrections in steep terrain for your sample plots.

With the Slope Corrector System, the DP II caliper, a custom DP DME H-Dist module and your adapted software application, you will get accurate readings on horizontal plot radius distance with one single measurement operation.The result, calculated and ready, is displayed and registered by your DP II caliper.

The DP DME H-Dist Slope Corrector system facilitates the process of measuring in steep and inclining terrain, and improves your overall field measurement accuracy.

Contact us for details on the Slope Corrector System and how it can be adapted to suit your measurement needs.

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